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Friday, March 14, 2008
Beyond the White Beach of Boracay at Mulligan Golf Hotel

Boracay Beach ResortBoracay is a premier resort island in the Philippines where there is good swimming, bright tropical weather, and fine stretches of white sand beaches. On average 90 percent of the time spent in Boracay will likely be used to enjoy the beach and the temperate water. If not, you’re probably doing something wrong. Or dirty.

That is, dirty in an outdoorsy kind of way. The resort island of Boracay is not just about the beach, as Philippine Tour is reminded once again during our last visit to the Mulligan Golf Hotel in Boracay. Island charms of Boracay includes the so-called “bug cars,” Mt. Luho, golf hotel, cocktails by the beach, floating spa, underground caves, the list goes on, really.

And why take the trouble discovering it all in Boracay? Just because.

Trek—See Boracay in a new light, high up in the island’s highest peak called Mt. Luho, with the surf crashing in the shores not far away, and with the crisp sea air refreshingly cool.

Mulligan Golf Hotel in BoracayMt. Luho gives a view of Boracay that not many tourists have seen (Read: The path that leads up to the peak is not exactly for the vacation set, as it consists foot-high steps hacked out from the mountain wall). To put an adrenalin fix when scaling Boracay, rent an all-terrain motor bike portentously called “bug cars.”

Golf—There is something nice in an island when a really neat golf course is available, like the golf hotel in Boracay of Mulligan’s Fairways and Bluewater. If the sport can get close to you even in Boracay Island, there must be few things else that are not available in Boracay.

Shop—Boracay is bazaar haven and its most colorful part is that side of the island where trinket sellers, henna tattoo artists, zipline dancers, and shop owners do business. They can be found in the public beaches across the island. Since the Mulligan Hotel in Boracay sits on an exclusive beach, frequent trips to the local markets can be a problem.

Watersport—Walk on the ocean floor, some 20 feet underwater, and swim with the fishes. Or go parasailing, jet skiing, or spelunking through the underground caves of New Coast Beach where the Mulligan Golf Hotel in Boracay is located.

Pamper—Get a taste of the island at the Pirate Den and Lookout Point of the hotel in Boracay of Mulligan Golf. Feast on bounties from the sea, chori burgers, hotdogs, baked oysters, beef kebabs, all with the dramatic seascape of Boracay in the backdrop. Also, massage from the resident masseuse, cocktails from the poolside bar, or simply lounging in the hotel’s Paradise Cove complete the island pampering available here at the resort in Boracay of Mulligan Golf Hotel.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Step into a "beach+" summer at Mulligan Golf Resort in Boracay

Mulligan Boracay Hotel Beachfront

Summer in the Philippines is largely about the beach. It is not entirely one’s fault to overstay in the temperate waters of the Boracay Beach when the sea is at its calmest and the air is crisp.

Sometimes, though, a time away from the beach is satisfying, too, like sipping cocktails at the beachfront of Mulligan Golf Hotel, getting a massage in one of the floating cabanas at their hotel in Boracay, hitting the greens of their championship golf course, or simply finding one’s own stretch of beach at the exclusive Boracay Resort of Mulligan Golf Hotel.

The Mulligan Golf Hotel in Boracay isMulligan Golf Hotel's Boracay Beach a property of the Fairways and Bluewater Country Club, a premier golf destination in Boracay, Philippines, that boasts of a Graham Marsh-designed, 18-hole, and par-72 golf course. The Mulligan Boracay Hotel is open even for non-members who can now experience staying in an exclusive and celebrated golf hotel in Boracay Island.

Located at the Newcoast Beach Front in Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island, the Mulligan Golf Hotel is refreshingly off the beaten path of a Boracay Beach Holiday, with an exclusive beach all for its guests, and resort facilities in the class of a luxury golf hotel. Mulligan Golf is a resort hotel in Boracay from which to see the island’s charms in a whole new light.

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Monday, March 10, 2008
Strip yourself from the sweltering heat of Manila and step into even hotter territory, where you can get toasty-brown and cozy with friends and family.

Touted as one of the world’s best beaches, Boracay is certainly a place where possibilities are endless!!! Here are just a few of the thousand things you can do where the sand is “sugar-white” and delicious adventures are always in sight.

1. Sip a cold fruit shake by the shore.
2. Watch the sun rise and sun set.
3. Build sandcastles, or pose by one for that keepsake photo.
4. Shop for surfer-dude duds (Boracay is a place where shades and native bracelets abound on every sandy corner. Not to mention sarongs, loose white shirts that show off your tan, and shell home decorations to hang on your walls when you get back home.)
4. Play 18 holes of golf.
5. Skim-board (it’s surfing on sand on a piece of fiberglass. You can make a day of it by learning how, doing it well, or simply have a blast watching others get washed up and end up sharing a few good laughs).
6. Pack your sunblock, camera, and sarong, and island-hop.
7. Go parasailing.
8 Ride horses by the beach.
9. Try the chori-burgers cooked fresh on the side streets.
10. Visit the batcaves.
11. Explore new places to stay,tap into this resort called Grand Boracay that’s located right in D’Mall of Boracay’s famous Station 2 (an idyllic getaway that gives you an option to splash around in a lagoon-shaped pool and snooze in a comfy, airconditioned guestroom when the sun gets too scorching on the beach). Feel free to check out Grand Boracay
for more information.
12.Take a ride on the banana boat.
13. Get a henna tattoo.
14. Get your usually-straight hair in braids that’ll shame Bob Marley.
15. Visit and see the dead forests south of the island, next to the fishponds for some artsy photo ops.
16. Get a massage, either by a licensed masseuse or those by the beach whom beachcombers swear are just as qualified.
17. Dance under the stars with friends in any of the Boracay bars and discos.
18. Windsurf.
19. Swim.
20. Hop on an all-terrain vehicle and explore the dunes, there are 2-seater ATVs for rent on the island.
However which way you decide to fill your time in sunny Boracay, you can rest assured that you've already a lot of pebbles to fill your memory glass jar, colorful stories to tell, that could be as bright as the sun, and as dramatic and mysterious as its famous sunset.

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Friday, March 7, 2008
AMARELA Is Where Great Memories Are Made

We Filipinos are getting to appreciate the beautiful sights in our native Philippines more and more nowadays. We Pinoys who are out to excitedly taste the first raindrop of adventure or who are on the hunt for idyllic hideaways have much to discover and explore when they steal away to Bohol, home to the country’s picturesque beaches and romantic retreats.

And quietly sitting by the longest stretch of white beach
on Panglao Island is a premium boutique resort called Amarela.

Sitting on top of a gentle slope of land, it commands easy access for beachcombers to enjoy a stunning view of the Bohol Sea.

If you want to enjoy staying at a rustic hideaway with massive turn-of-the-century wooden doors, antique furniture and intricate latticework while reaping the convenience of having full accessibility to Internet, satellite TV, and airconditioning, Amarela Resort fits the description like a glove, and is the resort for you.

You can choose to stay in the charming Suite Rooms, or opt to embrace the panoramic seaside with rooms with a Balcony with Sea View.

Wood is predominantly used in the interiors of the guest rooms, creating an atmosphere that is both cozy and comfortable.

And just as wood as an element can be pliant and bending, and strong and unyielding, you have an option to succumb to your lazy indulgences as you take leisure tours around Amarela’s plush surroundings, or be firm in your plans to seize adventure using their
available kayaks, bancas (native boats) and snorkeling facilities. You can freely allow yourself to be molded to lean towards wherever the refreshing sea breeze will take you.

More often than not, you will find that guests always have memorable stories to share about their stay at Amarela, a lot of them considering it a place that has mostly reminded them of a familiar country home where you can get away from it all. Check out this private and unique beachside retreat, and enjoy an enjoyable story now yours for the telling.

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Imagine this: You’re stretched out on your back, completely and utterly relaxed as you indulge in a never-before-tried spa exfoliative body scrub massage, making use of grated coconut, fresh fruit in season, nuts, herbs, special Palawan green honey, followed by a hot-stone therapy, full body scrub, and ending with an exhilarating hot shower massage…

This, along with many other delightful and relaxing activities, awaits you at
Crystal Paradise Resort, in Southern Palawan, one of the Philippines’ most beautiful islands.

Crystal Paradise Resort, Spa, Winery is located in Narra, Palawan, 80 km. south of Puerto Prinsesa. This 12-hectare beachfront coconut grove is nestled in a wildlife resort that offers a one-of-a-kind S.P.A. (Southern Palawan Adventure) Holiday, where you get to taste and try our wines, spa, native herbs, organic products, teas from Palawan, and enjoy several nature trips.

It is rated as one of the highest quality resorts by the Palawan Board of Tourism Inspection.

At Crystal Paradise Resort, you’ll find that you can get away from it all with massages, and more.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008
“Authentic” Philippines in downtown Iloilo City

Amigo Terrace Mall and Hotel in Iloilo CityCITIES change when progress marches in. Little by little the Southern Philippines city of Iloilo is beginning to look like its counterparts in Metro Manila as the city gets its share of high-rises, organized transport system, and commercial centers. Not in downtown though, where signs of progress like business hotels stand side by side with heritage sites, cultural treasures, and local neighborhood, creating “authentic” locations in Iloilo City that dab local colors to the way it hosts visitors in the city.

Eon Centennial Iloilo Plaza—The eight-year-old hotel in Iloilo City of Eon Centennial Plaza is an offshoot of the economic growth experienced in Visayas, Philippines, in the late ‘90s. Getting a foothold in a city known for old churches, new-found beaches, and sunny streets, the Eon Centennial Plaza Hotel combines a sense of comfort and convenience to its country-style modern hotel rooms and distinctly Iloilo hotel facilities.

Each room at the Iloilo Hotel of Eon Centennial is bright, cool, and contemporary, equipped with an array of modern hotel amenities, and refreshingly removed from the daily city grind. The Eon Hotel in Iloilo City also boasts of guestrooms that radiate a bucolic feel, and an array of hotel facilities and services reminiscent of Iloilo City. While the hotel’s Millennium Hall and business centers provide international-standard facilities, the Buffet Plaza Restaurant is there inside their hotel in Iloilo City to offer guests an authentic Ilonggo treat of local food and delicacies.

Amigo Terrace Hotel and Mall—Modern isn’t always the opposite of what Iloilo City has, as the Amigo Terrace Hotel and Mall will make its guests feel. Warmly-lit, spacious, and elegant, the hotel in Iloilo City of the Amigo Terrace could be any of those chic hotels in Metro Manila. The similarities don’t end there. The Iloilo Hotel of Amigo Terrace has its own mall and strings of bar and restaurants on a par with a first-class city hotel. Yet the Amigo Terrace Hotel in Iloilo is one of the oft-visited events destinations in the city frequented by Iloilo city folk.

The hotel in Iloilo City of Amigo Terrace sits on a lot adjacent to the Amigo Terrace Mall, providing a city accommodation full of convenience and the luxury of ease. Inside the Iloilo Hotel is the same level of comfort that its location offers. Each hotel room is well-appointed and snug, affirming its similarities with chic city hotels. The hotel in Iloilo City of Amigo Terrace likewise offers premium conference rooms and business centers, hotel-standard services and room amenities, an outdoor pool, among other hotel facilities: A hotel, in short, that provides a convenient getaway to Iloilo City and its neighboring islands.

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