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Friday, March 7, 2008
AMARELA Is Where Great Memories Are Made

We Filipinos are getting to appreciate the beautiful sights in our native Philippines more and more nowadays. We Pinoys who are out to excitedly taste the first raindrop of adventure or who are on the hunt for idyllic hideaways have much to discover and explore when they steal away to Bohol, home to the country’s picturesque beaches and romantic retreats.

And quietly sitting by the longest stretch of white beach
on Panglao Island is a premium boutique resort called Amarela.

Sitting on top of a gentle slope of land, it commands easy access for beachcombers to enjoy a stunning view of the Bohol Sea.

If you want to enjoy staying at a rustic hideaway with massive turn-of-the-century wooden doors, antique furniture and intricate latticework while reaping the convenience of having full accessibility to Internet, satellite TV, and airconditioning, Amarela Resort fits the description like a glove, and is the resort for you.

You can choose to stay in the charming Suite Rooms, or opt to embrace the panoramic seaside with rooms with a Balcony with Sea View.

Wood is predominantly used in the interiors of the guest rooms, creating an atmosphere that is both cozy and comfortable.

And just as wood as an element can be pliant and bending, and strong and unyielding, you have an option to succumb to your lazy indulgences as you take leisure tours around Amarela’s plush surroundings, or be firm in your plans to seize adventure using their
available kayaks, bancas (native boats) and snorkeling facilities. You can freely allow yourself to be molded to lean towards wherever the refreshing sea breeze will take you.

More often than not, you will find that guests always have memorable stories to share about their stay at Amarela, a lot of them considering it a place that has mostly reminded them of a familiar country home where you can get away from it all. Check out this private and unique beachside retreat, and enjoy an enjoyable story now yours for the telling.

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