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Wednesday, February 6, 2008
Beach&Book is new Philippine B&B this summer

Summer Camp at Matabungkay Beach Resort in BatangasHit the books and the beach with the kids this summer via the season offerings of El Puerto Marina Resort in Pangasinan and the Matabungkay Beach Resort in Batangas. With their eclectic mix of outdoor recreation and education activities, Batangas offers sleep-away camps not only for kids but for parents as well to enjoy the summer of 2008 in the Philippines.

A mix of fun factory and relaxing sanctuary

For fans of Gabby and Sharon who can still remember the chase scene in their 80s movie PS I Love You, the Batangas resort of Matabungkay Beach strikes a romantic chord. Now, with the 2008 Matabungkay Summer Beach Camp, even the kids can enjoy this resort in Batangas without ever knowing what happened to the fated love affair.

The 2008 Summer Beach Camp at the resort in Batangas of Matabungkay offers a three-day fun factory holiday for kids ages 6 to 15. With a lineup of outdoor activities supervised by the Philippines Center for Outdoor Recreation and Education, the Matabungkay Summer Beach Camp in Lian, Batangas, is poised to acquaint kids with camaraderie and fun.

But there is more to the Matabungkay Beach Resort in Batangas than the summer camp for kids. Parents can enjoy the bohemian-inspired beach resort in Batangas at the same time that their kids are having fun. Renowned as the premiere destination in the Philippines for belt-tightening vacationers, the Matabungkay Beach Resort offers choice beachside sauna/massage huts and seafront accommodations at low prices.

Historical, recreational, and pilgrimage tours

El Puerto Marina, on the other hand, has lined up anew a bunch of attractive tour packages at its resort in Pangasinan. Families and groups can choose from a wide variety of interest tours that range from the Hundred Island Day Tour to Manaoag Church Pilgrimage and City Historical Tour.

Pangasinan is home to important historical events and artifacts

Home to one of the more established communities in the Philippines during the Spanish period, Pangasinan has provided setting to numerous important historical dates and site of a number of old churches in the Philippines. Pangasinan is likewise a port province, gifted with a healthy commerce that thrives in the middle of natural environments like the Cape Bolinao Beach, Lingayen Gulf, and Masloc and Villacorta Caves.

Family suites, cottages, and rooms at the Pangasinan resort of El Puerto Marina mix contemporary design with traditional furniture for a touch of local atmosphere. With rates starting at P1800 a night, be it for historical or pilgrimage tour the resort in Pangasinan of El Puerto Marina provides the perfect jump-off point for vacation-seekers on a budget.

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