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Wednesday, March 5, 2008
“Authentic” Philippines in downtown Iloilo City

Amigo Terrace Mall and Hotel in Iloilo CityCITIES change when progress marches in. Little by little the Southern Philippines city of Iloilo is beginning to look like its counterparts in Metro Manila as the city gets its share of high-rises, organized transport system, and commercial centers. Not in downtown though, where signs of progress like business hotels stand side by side with heritage sites, cultural treasures, and local neighborhood, creating “authentic” locations in Iloilo City that dab local colors to the way it hosts visitors in the city.

Eon Centennial Iloilo Plaza—The eight-year-old hotel in Iloilo City of Eon Centennial Plaza is an offshoot of the economic growth experienced in Visayas, Philippines, in the late ‘90s. Getting a foothold in a city known for old churches, new-found beaches, and sunny streets, the Eon Centennial Plaza Hotel combines a sense of comfort and convenience to its country-style modern hotel rooms and distinctly Iloilo hotel facilities.

Each room at the Iloilo Hotel of Eon Centennial is bright, cool, and contemporary, equipped with an array of modern hotel amenities, and refreshingly removed from the daily city grind. The Eon Hotel in Iloilo City also boasts of guestrooms that radiate a bucolic feel, and an array of hotel facilities and services reminiscent of Iloilo City. While the hotel’s Millennium Hall and business centers provide international-standard facilities, the Buffet Plaza Restaurant is there inside their hotel in Iloilo City to offer guests an authentic Ilonggo treat of local food and delicacies.

Amigo Terrace Hotel and Mall—Modern isn’t always the opposite of what Iloilo City has, as the Amigo Terrace Hotel and Mall will make its guests feel. Warmly-lit, spacious, and elegant, the hotel in Iloilo City of the Amigo Terrace could be any of those chic hotels in Metro Manila. The similarities don’t end there. The Iloilo Hotel of Amigo Terrace has its own mall and strings of bar and restaurants on a par with a first-class city hotel. Yet the Amigo Terrace Hotel in Iloilo is one of the oft-visited events destinations in the city frequented by Iloilo city folk.

The hotel in Iloilo City of Amigo Terrace sits on a lot adjacent to the Amigo Terrace Mall, providing a city accommodation full of convenience and the luxury of ease. Inside the Iloilo Hotel is the same level of comfort that its location offers. Each hotel room is well-appointed and snug, affirming its similarities with chic city hotels. The hotel in Iloilo City of Amigo Terrace likewise offers premium conference rooms and business centers, hotel-standard services and room amenities, an outdoor pool, among other hotel facilities: A hotel, in short, that provides a convenient getaway to Iloilo City and its neighboring islands.

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