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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Valentine’s Day on a budget in the Philippine seduction capitals of Baguio City and Boracay
Valentine's Day at Microtel Inn Boracay

Not every one will always have Paris, just as it is in that movie, but romantic memories at the Philippine seduction capitals of Boracay and Baguio City are easily there for the taking. For everyone. An inn along the dramatic coastline of the Boracay White Beach, and one on top of misty Baguio City that overlooks to the mountains—with everything just right for you and your beloved this Valentine’s Day.

Boracay Microtel Inn—While the struggling-for-breath eventuality at any of the watersport activities in Boracay Island may not look romantic per se, hanging out in the sun-kissed patio of the Microtel Inn Boracay is. Sitting on one of the stunning coastlines in the Philippines at the Diniwid Beach in Boracay, the Microtel Inn provides an impressive seascape to set the tropical island mood of a perfect Valentine’s Day retreat.

What’s even more impressive is the $65 price tag of a Boracay romantic getaway at the Microtel Inn. Add to that the chiropractic-approved beds at the Boracay room of Microtel Inn and its full-size bathroom facilities with hot and cold water. And, of course, the justification provided by the sea and the sun to impress your beloved with the body you have worked out for at some gym back in the city.

El Cielito Inn Baguio—See what the mountain chill can do to romance at El Cielito Inn Baguio. With the pine-scented streets and relaxing greenery of Baguio City, the love bug is just around the corner at El Cielito Inn in Baguio. For couples looking forward to a fruitful Valentine’s Day retreat, there is also the “Fertility Hut” at the artists’ community in Tam-Awan Village, Baguio City.

Located at No. 50 North Drive in Baguio City, the hotel in Baguio of El Cielito Inn shares the neighborhood of the city’s major recreation and leisure centers, like the quaint throbbing strip of the Session Road in Baguio City. Not to miss while at the El Cielito Inn Baguio is the Asin Hot Springs, where a soothing swim is the perfect way to cap off a Valentine’s Day in Baguio City.

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Monday, January 28, 2008
Do you get lonely in a Boracay Beach holiday?
Do you get lonely in a Boracay Beach holiday?

The sun and the sand of Boracay in the Philippines is a considerable departure from the concrete jungle of Manila. And this change of scenery can do every one every good. But, as extensive and impressive the coastline of Boracay is, it could get dull and soporific. Suddenly you miss the nightlife of the big city like Manila, its cultural scene as well as the colorful personality that makes Manila a booming city.

This, however, does not make Boracay any less charming among the tourist capitals of the Philippines and the world. That is, if one knows his way around the tropical island of Boracay. With a feel for the place, creativity, and a little help from your friends, Boracay visitors can experience island life without feeling to have left the vibe of the city life in Manila. Here are the top three places in Boracay that can make every minute of a beach holiday eventful.

Top 3 places where one can't feel alone in Boracay Beach

  1. Tides Boracay—The emerging party capital of Boracay, this fashionably chic boutique hotel in Boracay is gaining renowned for bringing the party scene of Manila to the island. Tides Boracay Hotel is owned and managed by some of Manila’s top partyphiles, including the charmed little group that introduced The Embassy to Manila’s party landscape. Need we say more?
  2. Bolabog Beach—Home to the strongest trade winds in the island, the Bolabog Beach in Boracay is favorite among kitesurfers, most of them Russians and Australians. With two of the world’s International Tossposts kings in one place, it couldn’t get any better than the Bolabog Beach when beach party and watersports are at their peak. And residents of the Philippines couldn’t have done any worse.
  3. Boracay Sandcastles—Boracay wouldn’t be Boracay without island adventures. And there is little place else on the island that is a perfect mix of “frontierland” and city pace than in Boracay Sandcastles. It acquaints guest with the island of Boracay through diving, cave exploration, kayaking, mountain bike riding, all while the outdoor cafés, bars, and restaurants wait on guests for a night of island party and leisure.

There is a saying about Boracay that has become quite famous: What happens in Boracay stays in Boracay. It can be the right place for a Boracay Beach holiday, if only you know where to look for it. For the lowdown on how to make the best possible beach holiday in Boracay, visit the Boracay Sandcastles and Tides Boracay websites.

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Friday, January 18, 2008
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