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Friday, March 14, 2008
Beyond the White Beach of Boracay at Mulligan Golf Hotel

Boracay Beach ResortBoracay is a premier resort island in the Philippines where there is good swimming, bright tropical weather, and fine stretches of white sand beaches. On average 90 percent of the time spent in Boracay will likely be used to enjoy the beach and the temperate water. If not, you’re probably doing something wrong. Or dirty.

That is, dirty in an outdoorsy kind of way. The resort island of Boracay is not just about the beach, as Philippine Tour is reminded once again during our last visit to the Mulligan Golf Hotel in Boracay. Island charms of Boracay includes the so-called “bug cars,” Mt. Luho, golf hotel, cocktails by the beach, floating spa, underground caves, the list goes on, really.

And why take the trouble discovering it all in Boracay? Just because.

Trek—See Boracay in a new light, high up in the island’s highest peak called Mt. Luho, with the surf crashing in the shores not far away, and with the crisp sea air refreshingly cool.

Mulligan Golf Hotel in BoracayMt. Luho gives a view of Boracay that not many tourists have seen (Read: The path that leads up to the peak is not exactly for the vacation set, as it consists foot-high steps hacked out from the mountain wall). To put an adrenalin fix when scaling Boracay, rent an all-terrain motor bike portentously called “bug cars.”

Golf—There is something nice in an island when a really neat golf course is available, like the golf hotel in Boracay of Mulligan’s Fairways and Bluewater. If the sport can get close to you even in Boracay Island, there must be few things else that are not available in Boracay.

Shop—Boracay is bazaar haven and its most colorful part is that side of the island where trinket sellers, henna tattoo artists, zipline dancers, and shop owners do business. They can be found in the public beaches across the island. Since the Mulligan Hotel in Boracay sits on an exclusive beach, frequent trips to the local markets can be a problem.

Watersport—Walk on the ocean floor, some 20 feet underwater, and swim with the fishes. Or go parasailing, jet skiing, or spelunking through the underground caves of New Coast Beach where the Mulligan Golf Hotel in Boracay is located.

Pamper—Get a taste of the island at the Pirate Den and Lookout Point of the hotel in Boracay of Mulligan Golf. Feast on bounties from the sea, chori burgers, hotdogs, baked oysters, beef kebabs, all with the dramatic seascape of Boracay in the backdrop. Also, massage from the resident masseuse, cocktails from the poolside bar, or simply lounging in the hotel’s Paradise Cove complete the island pampering available here at the resort in Boracay of Mulligan Golf Hotel.

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